Lawn Care Services in Charlotte, NC


Weed Prevention

Let the experts at Bushwackers Landscaping get rid of any pesky weeds plaguing your lawn and save yourself valuable time and labor. Our method of weed control is based on preventative measures. Stopping weed growth even before it can begin is much easier and cost effective than using defensive approaches like killing weeds as they come up.

Weed Control Tips

  1. Weeds are natures way of healing bare, weak and plant-less sites. However, our idea of recovery is a little different. Weeds will pop up in bare spots on your lawn or wherever your turf has weak or damaged spots. Be sure to keep a healthy and full lawn especially in the early spring by sprinkling new grass seed and adding fertilizer.

  2. Reduce Soil Compaction. Weeds are more likely to grow on damaged areas on your lawn where there is high foot traffic. We recommend you add a pathway made with mulch or gravel to prevent weed growth.

  3. Don't let sunlight reach the weeds. When moving your lawn, be sure to keep the grass length at 3 inches or higher. The lack of sunlight will prevent them from germinating.

  4. Keep an eye on weed growth near driveways and walkways. Weeds gain a foothold in areas where high temperatures can damage cool-season grass, such as along the edges of driveways, walkways, and patios (the hardscape raises the temperature of the surrounding lawn). Pull out any weeds that emerge in these areas immediately so that seeds do not sprout and spread throughout the yard.